Jan 25, 2011

reunion or kenduri

Baru-baru nie, saya kena sound sebab lama sangat under construction, wah dah kena baru nak letak entri baru....hahaha. Sorry dear =)...
So, the story begin...I got an invitation at my FB yesterday...it's REUNION, yay!...it's our first reunion after 9 years....walawei dah lama rupanya saya tinggalkan zaman persekolahan (perasan diri tue muda ;p)...Yelah this time, most of them has came back from over the sea, got a job, married, have a famili (the things that i didn't complish not a single one hahaha), so we think it is a right time to gather, hang out....So, the plan was made by our group admin. I'm really hoping to attend it, so excited actually...but, the thing is my beloved uncle want to do some kenduri that i don't have a clue for what...and and and...it maybe, happen on the same day with our reunion...waaaa kuciwa...i can't really decide yet, which one i'll attend because both of the event didn't decided the exactly date yet, just mention that it'll happen on school holiday...adoiya...fenin2..

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