Mar 21, 2011

new co-bloggers

hye readers….don’t be surprise if u’ve turned into my blog and found out the writing is a bit different…right now, i’ve invited 2 a good friends of mine to be a co-bloggers to write in this blog, nevertheless i’m still the admin and all the activities happen are still in my observation…

i’ll introduce the new co-bloggers in another entry and hope the readers can enjoy their writing. last but not least thank you to all readers and do not hesitate to leave a comment(s) and drop ur URL at our shoutmix chat widget….

Sebarang keraguan boleh diajukan di formspring atau di fb admin. Sebarang kesulitan amat di kesali, sesungguhnya yang buruk itu datang dari kami dan yang baik itu datang dari Yang Maha Pencipta…

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